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Scaling Your Online Business to 7 Figures – Who to Hire and When with Natalia Zacharin

January 09, 2024 Leah Getts & Todd Getts Episode 16
Digital Trailblazer Podcast
Scaling Your Online Business to 7 Figures – Who to Hire and When with Natalia Zacharin
Show Notes

Episode 16: There are a lot of things that need to happen in order to scale an online business to 7 figures and maintain that 7 figure revenue year after year.

There are systems to build and update and maintain, there are services to deliver, and most importantly, there are customers to take care of. And the more sales you make, the more customers you will have to deal with, and the more time and resources you need to run your business.

In today’s episode, we talk to Natalia Zacharin, who specializes in helping businesses through that scaling process. We talk about everything from what numbers you need to track in your business, when to hire, how many to hire, how to know if your employees are doing their job, and much more!

About Natalia Zacharin - In 2019, after years of working for other firms, Natalia opened her own firm, Zacharin Consulting; a firm dedicated to empowering businesses to understand and interpret the financial health of their business and significantly improve their bottom line.

Using a blend of personal service and expertise, Natalia's goal is to bring her experience and knowledge to her clients in a meaningful way.  Zacharin Consulting offers strategic bookkeeping, monthly accounting, remote CFO services and financial intelligence programs to help businesses thrive, stay organized, save time, and give them peace of mind.

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