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How To Grow a Massive Facebook Group and Monetize It FAST with Julie Vance

January 04, 2024 Leah Getts & Todd Getts Episode 15
Digital Trailblazer Podcast
How To Grow a Massive Facebook Group and Monetize It FAST with Julie Vance
Show Notes

Episode 15: Most guru’s who teach the “Facebook Group” strategy will tell you to grow your group by spamming out friend requests and send messages to strangers all day to get people to join.

Julie Vance spent 3 years following the conventional guru advice and only had 1,100 members to show for it.

Then, she found a simple organic posting strategy that has allowed her to skyrocket her group growth to over 42,000 members in just over a year and monetize her group and turn it into a 6-figure business.

About Julie Vance: Julie Vance is a business coach, course creator, and lead generation expert for women entrepreneurs who are looking to crush it on Facebook and massively grow their email list FAST.

She went from struggling to get clients to being a go-to Facebook expert and authority making consistent $10-15K cash months through growing an audience of over 40K+ members all organically.

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