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How to Stand Out and Succeed in a Saturated Market with Jamie Gardiner

January 02, 2024 Leah Getts & Todd Getts Episode 14
Digital Trailblazer Podcast
How to Stand Out and Succeed in a Saturated Market with Jamie Gardiner
Show Notes

Episode 14: One of the biggest hurdles to overcome when starting an online business is how to stand out and compete in a saturated market. Not only do you have to somehow win customers and clients over the big guru’s with huge advertising budgets, but you’ve also got to compete with thousands of other entrepreneurs in your space, and it seems like there’s nothing that you can say or do that someone else hasn’t already done.

In this episode, we discuss with Jamie Gardiner exactly what it takes to get prospects to choose YOU over everyone else when you’re competing in a saturated market with thousands of others who have more exposure, more experience, more content, more testimonials, and a head start in every aspect of their business.

About Jamie Gardiner: Jamie is a Clickfunnels™ 2 Comma Club Award™ winner and online business coach. He was awarded the 2 Comma Club award in 2021 for generating over $1,000,000 in revenue.

Jamie began his online ventures in 2011 while working in the financial markets and has been involved in projects ranging from CPA marketing, affiliate marketing, kindle publishing, eCommerce stores, ad management, digital agency, business & marketing coaching, product development and more....

After leaving the workforce in 2017, he later pivoted his business to coaching. 

With over 900+ students to date, Jamie now focuses on his private coaching with his Ultimate Marketing Mastermind™ coaching program.

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